Opening of the Rhisis Test server

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  • Greetings everyone,

    This is it, after a long time of development, the Rhisis test server is finally opening! You can now play on our official server and help us track bugs, and improve the emulator quality.

    Register and download the client

    You can now register an account on our web site and download the Andromeda Launcher to download and update the game client: Download Andromeda

    Server informations

    We are trying to demonstrate that a FLYFF server can run on a Linux environment system with the smallest amount of resources, compared to the FLYFF official files. Thus, we have setup a small VPS with the minimal resources for a small cost. Below, the characteristics of the server:

    Server type: VPS (Virtual Private Server)
    OS: Debian 9
    CPU cores: 1 vCore
    RAM: 4 GB
    Rhisis Version: 0.1

    Features available

    • User authentication
    • View user's characters list
    • Create a new character
    • Delete a character
    • Join the world
    • Walk
    • Chat with other players
    • Monster AI (Move / attack)
    • Shop System (You can buy and sell items from the shops)
    • Inventory System (You can move items, equip/unequip items)
    • Trade items with other players
    • Send mails (only message and gold)
    • Character customization system (change face / hair)

    More informations about the features available: Version 0.1 features

    We hope to see you in game and help us improve Rhisis! If you are facing a bug or an unexpected behavior, we would appriciate if you report it in the Bug Tracker section so we can take a closer look to the issue and fix it for the next versions.