Version 0.3 Release

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  • Greetings everyone!

    Today is the end of the June, and therefor, the release of a new stable version! Please welcome version 0.3!

    Unfortunatly, things didn't happen has expected and the job system is delayed to version 0.4 due to personal issues IRL. But hey, there's what have changed since release 0.2.1 :

    Changelog 0.3

    This releases contains 37 commits since version 0.2.1.


    • Fix equipement bug for female gender (#247)
    • Fix item drop and moving in inventory (#248)
    • Fix player death bug (#249)
    • Fix CLI setup and database update commands (#250)


    • Blinkwing item usage (#251, #253)
    • Delayer system: Delay actions with a given amount of time. (#253)
    • Wrapzone system (#254)

    We have introduced 3 new systems and fixed some that you, dear players and contributors have reported to us.
    You can now buy Blinkwings at the magic shop and visit the beautiful city of St.Morning or the lands of Darkon 1. Also, Wrapzones have been added along with the Mars Mine dungeon map.

    We starting to work on version 0.4 today, we hope to deliver a stable version by the end of july. If you found some critical bugs on version 0.3, we might release some patching version to the test server.

    Thank you for supporting this project!

    Stay tuned!